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HMT Steel Deck Weighbridge

Steel Deck Weighbridge Manufacturer

Your truck scale is your cash register. Raw materials come in and finished products go out, so having an accurate and dependable truck scale is essential to the success of your operation. A truck scale is a long-term investment that, with reasonable care, should easily provide 25 years or more of dependable service. There are a variety of options in the truck scale market today, and to the casual observer, initial acquisition price may be the only differentiator. However, manufacturers promising great bargains are able to do so only because they've cut corners at some stage of the process; be it design, materials, components, finish or all of the above. While the price may seem attractive now, the eventual failure of a lower quality truck scale could mean a higher Total Cost of Ownership, meaning extensive downtime, increased maintenance costs and lost revenue. The differences between an exceptional quility scale and primarily price driven models aren't always apparent. Unfortunately, the most critical differences are rarely realized until it's too late.



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